Share Psychotherapy offers psychotherapy for service users in the Sheffield area, and is run using a combination of paid staff and volunteers. The branding and website needed to be updated; the aim of website was to appeal to three different target audiences: services users, volunteers & trainees, and funders.
The branding needed to represent Share's premises: a uniquely intimate, domestic and natural setting, a place of sanctuary for service users, filled with light, warmth and tranquillity. We also decided the new image should emphasise the creativity that is integral to Share: the art therapy, poems, music, dance, movement.
Finally, it was agreed the new branding should be welcoming and inviting, but also discreet, reflect Share’s high standards and appeal to training providers and potential funders, as well as instilling a sense of trust in service users. 
I created a customised typeface with an informal, conversational tone, making use of the negative space in the letter 'a' to create a subtle speech bubble. The colour palette is fresh and vivid, and based on nature (the sea, countryside, and sky), to create a calming effect. I rolled this out to a clean, minimalistic website.
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