The Brief
I was tasked with creating an identity for Seeker's, an exciting new micro brewery in Sheffield, and label design for their signature blonde beer. The target demographic was 30-50 year old craft beer enthusiasts with an intrepid spirit. The client wanted the packaging to be fun and eye-catching, and to reflect the adventurous spirit of Seeker's. The identity also needed to capture Sheffield's rich heritage of quality craftsmanship.
The Solution
I was inspired by the Sheffield's vintage signage created by skilled sign-writers and typographers; their work was beautiful and represented the skill and precision of the hardworking craftsmen and women from bygone eras.
I created an identity based around a Weimaraner - a breed of dog particularly well known for its hunting skills. I merged this idea with one of the most adventurous characters in movie history, Indiana Jones, and gave the dog a fedora hat. 
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