The Brief
Personal Best Vests sell personalised prints for runners wishing to celebrate their achievements, such as beating their personal best time, raising money for a great cause, or completing a major race. The prints make great gifts for someone looking to buy a present for a friend or loved one. The prints can be personalised with running club and charity logos and colours, flag colours and inspirational quotes. 
I was approached to design a new website as their old one had limited functionality and was struggling to cope with the orders.
The new site needed to allow customers to add their details to customise each print, including uploading logos, and other required images. Other requirements included a streamlined checkout process, web chat, and Facebook reviews. The site also needed SEO analysis and implementation.
Because the prints of the clubs, charities and flag contain such vibrant colours, it was agreed we would use a neutral colour palette with black, white and light grey, to allow the prints to be the main focal point and stand out on the site. 
Built on the Shopify platform, the site is clean and uncluttered with strong UX, sound technical SEO, and a logical structure that will allow PBV to expand as they create more products and add them to the site.
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